The Foundations of Energy Healing

We are energetic beings. Everything within and around our body carries an electrical charge. From the tiny structures in our cells known as atoms to our tissues, organs, and the human energy field known as the aura that surrounds our body, it all vibrates and produces an electrical frequency. As we go through life and encounter physical, emotional,  and spiritual trauma, we disrupt the balance we were born with. Our cells vibrate more slowly, and disease develops.

Fortunately, research shows that we can learn to direct healing energy to where it is needed to reestablish this balance. To heal the trauma. To raise the frequency and vibration. To reestablish physical, emotional. and spiritual wellbeing. This is where Evolution Energetics comes in. It is a transformational set of tools that you can use to bring your body, mind, and spirit back into balance through healing your energy.

Evolution Energetics is an energy healing system similar to Reiki. However, with Evolution, rather than relying solely on the practitioner to heal you, you are empowered to heal yourself from the first session. Through the higher self, you're able to access your own intuitive guidance and healing symbols. The symbols you download are attuned exactly to your vibrational frequency. 

Think of it in terms of a prescription. The energy healing symbols you download from your higher self are the prescription that is perfectly attuned to your vibrational frequency. In this way, you learn how to direct energy to where it is needed in order to move physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma out of the body, brain, and spirit. This is how you unlock your ability to heal and resolve your physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. This potential is within you waiting to awaken. Evolution Energetics is the toolkit that unlocks this potential.

When compared to Reiki, clients report healing more quickly and making greater progress with less detoxification symptoms with Evolution Energetics. As we heal and peel back layers of trauma, heavy emotions, physical sickness, and spiritual stuckness, we raise our vibration and energy. This creates better health, greater joy, a greater sense of peace, and a feeling of flow in our lives. Evolution Energetics gives you the tools you need to step into your power, rediscover your passion and purpose, and reach your highest potential. 


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