Taming Our Triggers

Last week my older son brought up the fact that I don't yell and scream at him like I did when he was younger. I explained that my screaming and yelling was the way that my nervous system reacted when my trauma was triggered. It was an attempt to regain control. His response? “It's not about controlling Mom. We all just need to be free.” Of course, he is right. 

When we are hurt emotionally, we develop emotional “scars” that are stored in our body. When something in our environment triggers one of these scars, the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response is activated. We yell and scream, leave the scene, numb ourselves in any number of possible ways, or we try to please others so they will like us. 

When we choose to heal, we let go of the pain of the past, but hold on to the wisdom and gifts we gained. Evolution Energetics is an intergenerational coaching and healing system. It heals the emotional scars we carry in our body and energy field. As a result, we are no longer triggered by those traumas, and we are able to step forward into the future as our highest selves. In the process, we liberate not only ourselves, but also our loved ones.

In the words of my sister, a Reiki Master and practitioner of four energy healing systems, “Healing ourselves is the most loving thing we can do for those around us because we have the ability to be more compassionate, caring, and loving. We become our true higher selves and only want the best for our loved ones and friends, which starts with being the best person we can be.” Of course, she is right.

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