Shifting the Paradigm

Shifting the Paradigm towards integrative wellness.

Many clients and students who come to energy healing do so because they are looking for a holistic way to manage their physical health after a diagnosis. I had a client last spring who came to me because she had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had done acupuncture and, although she considered herself a skeptic, she was curious to expand her toolkit.

During her second session, she started to be able to download her own healing symbols. She was in the process of going through chemo, and labs were being done frequently to measure her kidney and liver function as well as to monitor her blood cell counts. One set of labs came back indicating that her liver function was in decline. This would mean having to delay her chemo treatment; not something she or her doctor wanted, as she was halfway through. After doing another session, she was able to download a symbol to balance her liver. Her labs showed markedly improved liver function days later, and she was able to continue her chemo.

A few weeks later, her blood cell count was off. Again, she downloaded a symbol to balance her blood cells. A couple of days later, they were normal. This client is actually a personal acquaintance. She has a science background and has physicians in her family. She probably wouldn’t have tried energy healing with anyone else. But the proof was in the labs.

She would later tell me that she thought it had to happen like that for her because she wouldn't have embraced energy healing otherwise. She couldn’t refute the fact that the lab values changed each time she downloaded a new symbol. When she stopped using her symbols, her labs again showed declining function. It wasn’t a fluke. She now has a very large “toolbox” of energy healing symbols that she uses for not only her physical health, but her mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. We now joke “There’s a symbol for that!”

The point of sharing this story is to say that now, more than ever, we can embrace a truly integrative philosophy, taking from mainstream medicine what works for us, and embracing holistic tools where mainstream medicine is lacking. We can balance our hormones, heal our cells, detox our bodies, strengthen our immune systems, and a whole lot more. We have the power to heal ourselves. We just need to be open minded enough to try.

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