Rediscovering Our Passion. Living Our Purpose.

When he was little, my husband loved to read and learn about history. He read encyclopedias and re-enacted famous battles with his tinker toys. His mother was an art professor, so he decided that when he grew up, he’d be a history professor. But his older sister went to law school, and his dad hung a copy of her law degree and put it on the wall of his office. Instead of following his heart, my husband chose more cache and cash. Ten years in, he was miserable. By then, he had a wife, two kids, a mortgage, and the “golden handcuffs.” 

When we are little, our passions can be seen in what we play. What we play also points to our purpose. As adults, we “play it safe” for more money, more security, more status. We may seem to have all of the trappings of success on the surface, but we know, deep down, that we have betrayed ourselves.

Our passions and our purpose do not have to be tied to our profession, and they aren't necessarily tied together. Passions are for ourselves. They fill up our cups. Our purpose is how we contribute to the world around us. When we find a way to engage our passions in service of our purpose, we are truly on the path of our soul's mission.

On this path, things flow, we are content, and we experience moments of profound joy and peace. Our cups runneth over. Our joy, our peace, spills onto others. If we know, deep down, that we are not on our path, we can choose to tune into our higher self to unlock the wisdom of our soul. Our subconscious shows us the steps we need to take to step back onto our path.

It is a path of giving ourselves permission to play again. Of plugging back into our passions. Of doing what we are meant to do. Of becoming who we are meant to be. On this path, we become happier humans. And we all know, with certainty, that the world needs more.

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