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In the foundations course, students learn how to tap into the quantum field for energetic self care, including how to ground their energy, connect to their core or true selves, shield and clear their energy, as well as how to raise their vibration and operate from a "higher vibrational altitude," which enables us to remain resilient when life gets stressful.

We heal in layers. The first layer is our physical body. It is the densest part of us energetically.  In addition to our own trauma, we inherit epigenetic mutations that have changed the way our genes function as a result of the environment that our ancestors lived in. In addition to Epigenetics, we inherit genetic predispositions to nutritional deficiencies, issues with detoxification, and mitochondrial defects that disrupt our bodies' ability to generate ATP, or energy.

As a result, we end up with imbalances in many bodily systems that create a cascade of dysfunction, weakening our immune systems, creating imbalances in our hormones, brain chemistry, and countless other vital functions. In the physical healing course, students learn six symbols that address all of these issues.

The next layer is our emotional body. It is more energetic in nature, but dense emotions do affect our physical health. It is now commonly recognized that Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, are linked to over four dozen diseases. Students learn how to heal the emotional body, relationships, and trauma by using six more symbols in the emotional healing course.

The next layer is what many people refer to as the spirit. At the quantum level, it is our unique energetic fingerprint that houses the experiences from this life as well as past lives. These past experiences, including traumas, can be the root of phobias and emotional triggers that can not be explained by events in this life. Just as the emotional body intersects with the physical body, the spiriual body intersects with the emotional body.

In the master healing course, students receive six more symbols that facilitate the healing of past life relationships and traumas, the removal of blocks that are preventing the highest outcome for career, relationships, and fulfillment in this life, and the creation of a path to fulfilling the true purpose in this lifetime for themselves and their clients.

Practitioner Course : Foundations

In this highly experiential class, you will become a Foundational Practitioner of the Evolution Energetics Coaching and Healing System.

As a result, you will be able to reverse epigenetic DNA damage for yourself and others. Epigenetic damage occurs as a result of environmental trauma. You'll be able to raise your vibrational frequency and the frequency of those you work with. You will be able to clear, protect, and ground your energy and the energy of others. You'll be able to connect yourself and others to their higher selves in order to receive guidance and download personal healing symbols. You will be able to conduct individual healing sessions. You will advance in your healing journey and become a key for others' to unlock their highest potential. 

This class is the prerequisite for the Physical Healing Practitioner class.

Over the course of the class, you will be attuned to six symbols that you can use on yourself and others. One for :

• Clearing the energy field
• Protecting the energy field
• Grounding energy
• Connecting to the core or true self
• Raising the vibration of the energy field
• Anchoring the energy field to the higher vibration

Because you will be attuned to these symbols, you will have them to use for the rest of your life and will be able to use them on others. You will also learn about the :

• Origins of Evolution Energetics
• Chakra System
• Core or true self and its role in the healing process
• Ego and enneagram types, an essential understanding in the process of becoming your highest self

The investment for this class is $222.


Upcoming Practitioner Courses

The Evolution Energetics system is taught in the following sequence:

Foundations (7 hour course, taught over 2 days): $222

Physical Healing (7 hour course, taught over 2 days): $222


Emotional Healing (7 hour course, taught over 2 days): $222 

Master Healing (7 hour course, taught over 2 days): $222 

In-person and online options are available.

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