More Joy, Flow, and Peace

At the root of our emotions is energy, and energy has a frequency. We can think of this as vibrational frequency. Every moment of every day, we are broadcasting our frequency out into the world, and we are picking up on others’ frequency. We’ve all heard someone say “they give off good vibes” or “that place had a bad vibe,” Subconsciously, we can “read” someone else energy as well as the energy of a place.

At the lower end of the spectrum are emotions like anger, fear, jealousy, and guilt. At the higher end are emotions like joy, love, passion, and happiness. As we work to raise our vibration through healing, we begin to experience more of these higher frequency emotions, especially joy. We literally vibrate at a higher frequency. We have raised our vibration.

We also begin to experience more synchronicities. We’ve all experienced synchronicities. You get a parking spot close to the restaurant during a busy time because you arrived at just the right time. You get the idea to go to a particular place, and you end up meeting someone who knows of a position opening up at the company you’ve been wanting to apply to. Synchronicity is directly correlated to our frequency or vibration. As we raise our vibration, we experience synchronicity more frequently. Eventually, we live in that state. It is a state of flow.

We also start to experience a state of peace. Instead of struggling through life, we begin to realize that everything is happening exactly as it should. We no longer mourn the missed opportunities but are grateful that we are able to trust that all is well and follow the synchronicities to navigate the path of life. We do not engage in conflict but seek peace instead. We begin to stay in that state of peace. It is a state of higher vibrational living. 


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