Healing with Our Higher Self

One of my former students texted me just after Thanksgiving. She’d had a recurring dream in which her grandma (who passed some years ago) kept telling her that she had an important message for her, but first, she must drink her coffee. She said the coffee was very important. When she was little, she would make coffee for her grandmother. It was a sacred ritual for them.

But this felt like more than a memory to her. It felt like a message. We texted back and forth, and she came to the conclusion that the coffee represented “waking up.” Her grandmother (or her subconscious) was urging her to wake up. I texted back that she was in her awakening journey. As she read my text, she got chills from her head to her toes, a message from her higher self that she was on the right track.

Our higher selves are the best versions of us. Put simply, our higher self is the wise part of us that always knows what is in our best and highest good. It is the part of our subconscious that is involved in self-actualization or reaching our highest potential.

It is the part that exists above our personality, our ego, and our history. It transcends time and place. It helps us to transcend our trauma and our drama. Our higher self is the part of us that knows what our mission is and strives to help us achieve it. Connecting with our higher self is the key that unlocks the doorway to our physical, emotional, and spiritual healing,

When we find our connection to our higher self, we begin to see the games our ego plays. We begin to see how our trauma affects ourselves and our loved ones. We begin to understand how we are getting in our own way. When we stay connected to our higher selves, we begin to live our life in alignment with its wisdom. Through this journey of awakening, we evolve into who we are meant to be,

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