How Knowing Your Life Path Can Help You Go from Surviving to Thriving

by Jessica Gammell-Bennett

Published on Sivana East

Every one of us comes to this Earth with a life path or purpose. It is what we will struggle through, what will learn, and therefore, what we will contribute to the planet. Not every detail is mapped out, but the main

When I saw clients for Reiki sessions, I would always start by calculating their life path. This would help me figure out their main purpose in life, and therefore, how best to help them get "unstuck." As time went on, I began to notice that each person would begin working on their life purpose at the age that their date of birth added up to. Within this number were the main avenues through which the client would achieve their purpose. The numbers also represented the main challenges one would face on the way to achieving their purpose. I also noticed that there were 3 main phases in the life path, and these phases each contributed to an individual's overall purpose. Inevitably, clients would come see me when they were transitioning from one phase to the next. Intuitively, they knew a change was coming, but they weren't quite sure how to navigate to it and through it.

What proved really fascinating is that these phases often overlapped with family members, including spouses and children. In the case of spouses, I saw that the final phase was often the same. When it came to children, we could see that the parent's phase would somehow support the child's phase that occurred during the same period. As an example, I had a client whose daughter was a life path 3, a communicator, and she was already a gifted writer. Her first phase indicated that she was to travel and write about it. This phase corresponded exactly with her mother's travel phase, and it came just as her mother was retiring so she would have the time to accompany her daughter. So mother and daughter began to travel together, with mom helping to pay some of the travel expenses. This got her daughter's career as a travel writer started, and mom got to experience the freedom that she so desperately needed after a lifetime of working and taking care of others. It was a win-win.

Often, when we went into the Reiki healing session and used a past life symbol, we discovered that the path the individual and the family member chose was in some way balancing karma from a past relationship. In the example of the mother and daughter duo, the daughter had been the caretaker in the past life, and the mother had the freedom, so in this life, they switched roles.

Knowing my own life path and phases has been the greatest blessing to m overall happiness. I am a 38/11. 11 is the path of the healer, and I started my healing practice when I was 38. The 3 and the 8 represent the main avenues through which I will achieve my purpose of healing: through communication and by stepping into my power. They also represent my main challenges. I have had throat chakra and solar plexus issues throughout my life, even being diagnosed with an auto-immune thyroid disease and fighting through crushing social anxiety. My three phases within this path are 3, 1, and 7. In the first phase, the 3, I will begin healing through communication. Less than three months from my 40th birthday, I am a writer, speaker, and sound healer. I write and speak about healing, and I literally heal groups with my voice. In my next phase, I will move into a leadership role, using the skills I acquired in my first phase and increasing my reach. Specifically, the energies that will support this phase are balance and stepping into my power, two things I have struggled with. As I enter this next phase, knowing the challenges I will face is empowering. Suddenly, the mountains I must climb don't seem so daunting. Especially when I know there is a breathtaking view from the top.

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