Empowerment and Boundaries

with Evolution Energetics

by Jessica Gammell-Bennett


A few weeks ago, my former student texted me with a new dream. This time the dream was about her mother. In the dream, she was in her 30s (still a few years away for her). Her children were older, and she had managed to accomplish more in her career. She was making more and had made her way into management. 

But every time she tried to buy a car, buy a house, get an even better job, her mom stopped her. We texted back and forth, and she realized that her higher self/, the part of her subconscious that was responsible for helping her realize her full potential, was guiding her to set firmer boundaries with her mother and stand in her power. 

Many of us struggle with being able to stand in our power, set boundaries with others, and enforce them. As a result, we end up depleted, exhausted, and resentful, and for good reason. Oftentimes, our struggle with boundaries is a result of our boundaries not being respected in childhood. We may struggle to stand in our power because there were negative consequences to doing so when we were young. 

When we have people in our life who make enforcing boundaries particularly challenging, we do our best to accommodate these people, but it feels as though it’s never enough. It doesn’t have to be this way. What does it look like to set boundaries? What does it feel like to stand in our power? The answer to both lies in healing the energetic patterns that were set in childhood, and, sometimes, in past lives.

These patterns can be healed by tapping into our higher self and asking what is causing our issues with boundaries and empowerment. We can then work with healing symbols to heal these patterns. Once we do, we are able to set boundaries and keep them. We can also connect to the higher self of a challenging individual and receive guidance on how best to navigate our relationship so that everyone feels respected.

We can heal the past so that we no longer feel exhausted, depleted, and resentful, but rather step into the future feeling vibrant, empowered, and respectful of our needs and others. It is time. Time to discover who we can be without self-doubt. Without anxiety. Without the need to please. It is time to step into our power.

With Love,


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