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Evolution Energetics is a coaching and energy healing system similar to Reiki. However, with Evolution, rather than relying solely on the practitioner to heal you, you are empowered to heal yourself from the first session. We all have the ability to heal ourselves through the subconscious part of our mind known as the higher self. It is the access point to our soul. Through the higher self, you're able to access your own intuitive guidance and healing symbols. The symbols you download are attuned exactly to your vibrational frequency.
Think of it in terms of a prescription. The energy healing symbols you download from your higher self are the prescription that is perfectly attuned to your vibrational frequency. In this way, you learn how to direct energy to where it is needed in order to move physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma out of the body, brain, and spirit. This is how you unlock your ability to heal and resolve your physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. This potential is within you waiting to awaken. Evolution Energetics is the toolkit that unlocks this potential.
When compared to Reiki, clients report healing more quickly and making greater progress with less detoxification symptoms with Evolution Energetics. As we heal and peel back layers of trauma, heavy emotions, physical sickness, and spiritual stuckness, we raise our vibration and energy. This creates better health, greater joy, a greater sense of peace, and a feeling of flow in our lives. Evolution Energetics gives you the tools you need to step into your power, rediscover your passion and purpose, and reach your highest potential.

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Passion & Purpose

Saturday, February 18, 2023
4-5:30 PM
Prana Salt Cave
7110 Wrightsville Ave, Unit B-8, Wilmington, NC
In-person event

In this group meditation and healing, we will connect to our Higher Self to discover what is getting in the way of our passion and purpose and heal it. We will then receive guidance on the next steps to take to get on the path to living our purpose. Finally, we will access a future timeline where we are on our path, living with passion and purpose so we can work to manifest it. Learn more



Saturday & Sunday, March 4-5, 2023
2-5:30 pm each day
Healing Leaves Holistic Center, 3329 Wrightsville Ave, Unit C, Wilmington, NC
In-person event 

Saturday & Sunday, March 11-12, 2023
2-5:30 pm each day
Online Class on Zoom
Virtual event

Become a Foundational Practitioner of the Evolution Energetics Healing and Coaching System in this highly experiential class. As a result of this class, you will be able to: Attune to six healing and awakening symbols Clear, protect and ground your energy and others. Conduct individual and group healing sessions. Download your own energy healing symbols and help others do the same. Advance in your awakening journey and be a catalyst for others. You will receive a manual and certificate of completion. Learn more

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About Jessica Gammell-Bennett


Starting out as a Victim-Witness Specialist with the U.S. Attorney’s Office (US Dept. of Justice), and evolving into as a Reiki Master Teacher & Wellness Transformation Coach has shown Jessica many experiences and taught her how to overcome any obstacle. Her story goes even deeper than that, by fighting to live from day one. With that incredible wisdom available, she has achieved a level of abundance & thriving that can support You on your journey to reach your highest potential through Evolution Energetics.

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