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Heal your way to your highest self.

Evolution Energetics is an intergenerational coaching and energy healing system. It heals the emotional scars we carry in our body and energy field. The coaching aspect of the system helps us tune into the location of these scars. We can then use the healing energy to remove them. As a result, we feel lighter. We are no longer triggered by our traumas, and we are able to step forward into the future as our highest selves. In the process, we liberate not only ourselves, but also our loved ones. 

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Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

Saturday, April 22, 2023
4-5:30 pm
Prana Salt Cave
7110 Wrightsville Ave, Unit B-8 Wilmington, NC
In-person group event

In this group healing session, you will learn how to identify aspects of your authentic self that are waiting to be reintegrated and download healing symbols that will help you to reintegrate your authentic self and gifts.

Each participant will receive individual healing and a personalized song during the course of the event.



Saturday & Sunday, May 6-7, 2023
2-5:30 pm each day
Wilmington Functional Medicine
5046 Wrightsville Avenue, Suite 200, Wilmington, NC
In-Person event 

Saturday & Sunday, May 13-14, 2023
10 am-1:30 pm each day
Online Class on Zoom
Virtual event

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A Call to the Cycle Breakers


None of us had a perfect childhood. Because parents are not perfect. Even if they did the best they could, we still carry unconscious family patterns. And sometimes we carry trauma. Where does it show up? In our relationships. Especially with our children. What does that look like? Triggers: Fight. Flight. Freeze. Fawn. And if we are parenting a differently wired child? We may be triggered all the time. And if we are differently wired ourselves? We are in survival mode.

But there is hope in healing. Patterns can be acknowledged. Cycles can be broken. Connection can replace control. We can awaken to the unconscious scripts that run inside our head. And rewrite them. For ourselves. For our children. For their children. And our ancestors, who were broken, are cheering us on. As we put the pieces back together for their descendants.

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